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Manzi Wa Kibera Shaves Her Hair, Seeks Fresh Start After Nzioki’s Death 

Socialite Manzi wa Kibera has made a dramatic change, completing her mourning period for her former partner, Mzae aka Mzee Nzioki, who passed away in April.

The Kibera-born socialite has rebranded herself, shaving off her hair to signify a new beginning.

In a stunning announcement on the Mungai Eve show, Manzi wa Kibera revealed that she is done with her “clout chasing” actions and has started anew. She premiered her new look on the show, confessing that she is no longer the same person she was before.

“I’m starting fresh, it’s a whole new me. Manzi wa Kibera was another whole…nilifika mahali sikuipenda” (I’m starting fresh, it’s a whole new me. Manzi wa Kibera was another whole…I’ve reached my destination).

The socialite also admitted to faking a relationship with Mzae, which sparked controversy among her fans. However, she seems determined to move on from the past and focus on her future.

Manzi wa Kibera has also opened up about social media rumors surrounding her personal life, including rumors of having a child. She revealed that she is indeed a mother, but plans to keep her child private for now.

“Yes, I’m a mum, I will show people when the right time comes,” she said.

The socialite has been in the industry for five years and expressed regret that she didn’t use that time to grow positively. She hopes to attract brands and make a positive impact with her new rebranded identity.

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