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Pritty Vishy Says Her Ex Stevo Simple Boy Is Not Her Type Anymore

Pritty Vishy and Stevo Simple Boy were a couple for several years before Stevo became famous. However, they broke up in early 2022. Stevo has since gotten married to another woman, though he has not been seen with his new wife recently after marital issues began.

Pritty admitted that she was the one who decided to end the relationship with Stevo. The now popular socialite said she would not get back together with her ex, even if he asked for another chance. Pritty explained that Stevo is simply not her type anymore.

“We were together for a long time, but people change as they get older,” Pritty says. “Stevo and I want different things now. He’s moved on with his life, and so have I.”

Pritty and Stevo never actually had a romantic relationship. Stevo wanted to wait until marriage before being intimate with Pritty but she wanted the wood so bad.

Pritty did not provide any details about why she fell out of love with Stevo. She only said that their breakup was not due to cheating or fighting. “We just grew apart,” she explained. “There’s no bad blood between us. We’re still friends and there is mutual respect.”

While Stevo seems to have found new love, Pritty said she is currently single and focusing on her career as an entertainer and social media influencer.


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