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Gospel Singer Ben Githae Admits To Siring Multiple Children Out Of Wedlock

Gospel artist Ben Githae has candidly opened up about his past mistakes, acknowledging that he fathered children outside of wedlock.

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Githae shared about the challenges of navigating love outside the bounds of marriage.

With a somber tone, Githae admitted, “At home I have two children who are both girls. Out there…” trailing off with a nervous laugh.

Despite his role as a minister of the Word of God, Githae confessed to deviating from the path of marriage and fathering children outside of wedlock.

Reflecting on his past choices, he expressed his desire to openly discuss these experiences now that his children are older, emphasizing that they are all blessings from God.

Addressing the impact of his revelation on his marriage, Githae revealed that while the revelation shook his family initially, they leaned on their Christian faith to navigate through the challenges.

He credited divine intervention for the resolution of the issue, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and accepting one’s mistakes rather than living in denial.

Githae clarified that he is committed to his marriage to his wife and emphasized that he is not a polygamist, despite his past actions. He acknowledged his responsibilities to his other children born outside of marriage.

Looking ahead, Githae expressed his intention to return to music cautiously, particularly steering clear of politically-themed songs.

Despite facing a decline in fame and weathering criticism from his community, Githae affirmed his comeback, declaring, “Ben Githae is back.”

In sharing his journey of redemption and growth, Githae’s story serves as a reminder of the power of forgiveness, faith, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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