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Dem wa Facebook: I Will End My Life If I Fall Out With Obinna

Dem wa Facebook, whose real name is Mercy Ayuwa, has claimed that the unthinkable would happen if she is to fall out with Oga Obinna.

According to her she would take away her life, in case such a thing happens.

“Obinna sijawahikosana na yeye na sitamani. Nikikosana na Obinna naweza commit suicide,” she said.

The female comedian also said that she was not shaken when Obinna said that she is not his type. Dem wa Facebook noted that he was just confused when he made the remarks because there were a lot of women in the surrounding.

“I just knew he was lost love-wise because he didn’t see me there. When Obinna is in a place where there are a lot of women he gets confused but we are together. We do handshakes like UDA and Azimio, we can’t split. Our separation is when I return to Kayole and he goes back to Lavington,” she said.

Obinna, earlier had said that the female comedian has never been his type, while responding to claims that they were planning a wedding. The father of four noted that she might become his type, after he transforms her.

Asked on whether he would marry her at gunpoint, Obinna said; “It doesn’t have to be at gunpoint. You guys have seen her, she is full of vibes. Then the rest of assets that I prefer unaezadunga mashindano halafu you never know. By the way, you guys watch that lady, in the next 5 years, she will be totally different with the plans I have for her, and if she does what she does hawa maceleb wote will be in her DM.”

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