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Shock As Father Lucian Records Himself Chewing A Lady

A video showing Father Lucian, a priest from Uganda, being intimate with an unnamed woman in a lodging has spread across the internet. People were very surprised to see the video because priests are expected to remain celibate and not have sexual relations.

Father Lucian is well-known across East Africa for his religious teachings. He has given many sermons about following the teachings of the church strictly. This made the video even more shocking for people to see.

In the video, Father Lucian can be clearly seen in a lodging room with a woman who is not identified. The two then proceed to engage in intimate sexual activity together, something forbidden for priests who take vows of celibacy.

The video has led to strong reactions across East Africa, where Father Lucian had a big following.

Many people expressed anger and disappointment to see such behavior from a respected religious leader. Others demanded Father Lucian be removed from the priesthood for violating one of its core principles.

Church officials have not yet commented on what disciplinary action, if any, may be taken against Father Lucian. The incident has sparked heated debate about the requirement for priests to remain celibate in the modern era.



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