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I Don’t Fight Or Argue With My Husband- Ivy Namu

Ivy Namu, the wife of Media Personality Willis Raburu, was forced to take a back seat in her career and focus on raising her children.

The mother of two, in an interview with a local media outlet, said that she has not been active in her career for three years.

She is however in the process of making a comeback.

“As women definitely giving birth is a small thing. I do recognize there are women who work and give birth and go back to work, salute to them it is not easy. Definitely my career had to take a backseat for me to raise my children and now is when am feeling nakuja hapo sasa kwa carerr. My career was  not my priority this past 3 years.

Namu was grateful to her husband , saying that he provided a conducive environment for her to be a good and present mother without worries.

“He is such a good man, a good husband, a good father. It’s even amazing to watch do it coz he is so gracious, I wish that on every woman,” she went on.

Namu further said that Raburu has taught her values of consistency, discipline, hard work and putting in work on what she wants.

She also said that she doesn’t fight or argue with her husband.

“We are very close friends. Between us am the one who gets angry and emotional haraka but he listens he never dismisses me na ye pia akiwa na mambo yake naskiza. Hakuna haja nyumbani pia ikue pahali ya vita pia. With my husband, I learnt that you can have a relationship and don’t fight. It’s a disagreement.

“There is a difference between disagreement, misunderstanding and fighting arguing. We don’t do that. We have disagreement, misunderstandings and we talk until we get to a common ground and that takes practice. I can’t say that nilikuja kwa hii relationship nikikuwa hivyo, we have learnt together, we have grown together and shout out to him,” Namu  said.



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