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“Amezoea!” Bahati Stops Terence Creative From Dancing With His Wife Diana Marua

“Bahati hawezi kubali hii iende!” Diana Marua reacted after Bahati stepped in between as she danced with Terence.

Former Gospel singer Bahati interrupted a dance between his wife, Diana Marua, and Terence Creative.

The incident occurred during a performance by Tony Nyadundo at Akothee Foundation’s charity event, which was a resounding success.

The event, characterized by an all-white dress code, was attended by numerous Kenyan celebrities, adding to its glitz and glamour. As the evening progressed, attendees enjoyed the entertainment and festivities, including music performances and socializing.

A moment of tension arose when Bahati unexpectedly stepped onto the dance floor and separated his wife from Terence Creative as they were dancing together.

The interruption caught many by surprise and quickly became the talk of the event.

While the reason behind Bahati’s action remains unclear, the incident sparked speculation and garnered significant attention on social media.

Some speculated that Bahati may have felt uncomfortable seeing his wife dancing closely with another man, while others questioned the appropriateness of his actions in a public setting.


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