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“Mpande Kama Mti!” Shock As King Kalala Climbs On A Male Colleague At NRG Radio

“Mtakula aki, ona kitu office boyfriend hufanyia dame yako!” “Huyu anaskia kuguzwa ororo!” Netizens react to the now viral video of King Kalala.

NRG Radio stirred up a storm on social media after sharing a video clip that left netizens shocked and questioning boundaries at the work place. The video, captioned “If you wonder what happens in studio when they aren’t on air!! hii ndio Maneno!” captured the attention of many.

In the video, King Kalala, one of the radio hosts, is seen climbing onto a colleague identified as PNK. The playful interaction raised eyebrows and sparked a flurry of reactions online.

Netizens were quick to express their opinions, with many suggesting that NRG Radio was pushing the boundaries with their content. This comes in the wake of a previous controversial post by one of the hosts, where a viral photo of Natalie Githinji was shared, further fueling discussions about the station’s approach to content creation.

In the video, PNK humorously says that the ladies at NRG don’t respect him, setting the stage for the playful antics that follow. Kamene Goro, a recent addition to the station, can be heard encouraging King Kalala to climb PNK like a tree.

While some may view it as harmless fun, others have raised concerns about the message it sends, especially considering the platform’s influence on a wide audience.

As discussions continue to unfold online, it remains to be seen how NRG Radio will process this feedback.

In an era where social media plays a big role in shaping public perception, content creators and media outlets must tread carefully to strike the right balance between entertainment and responsibility.


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