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“Alibeba Mbaka Toothbrush” Esma Reveals Zuchu Left Diamond And Vowed Not To Go Back

Diamond Platnumz’s sister, Esma Khan, has revealed details about Zuchu’s sudden departure from Diamond’s house after she shared a plea on social media urging Zuchu to return to her brother.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Esma recounted the events, stating, “She took everything, including her toothbrush. My mother also pleaded with her not to leave, but she did.”

“She said she is not returning. She is ignoring Diamond’s phone calls and is extremely upset. She made it clear she won’t come back even if it means risking her life,” Esma added.

Esma offered some advice to Zuchu on how to navigate her relationship with Diamond.

“You need to understand how to live with someone like Diamond, who is adored by many. You are the one who loves him, so you have to understand him. You shouldn’t listen to what everyone says.”

Zuchu reportedly left Diamond’s house after he introduced his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, to his fans over the weekend, a move that seemingly triggered Zuchu’s departure.

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