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“She Only Wants To Sell Diabz” Andrew Kibe Goes After Mungai Eve

Andrew Kibe has expressed his disappointment with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

In a video he shared on Facebook, Kibe said that after his pioneer interview with Mungai on her new YouTube channel, he though that she had made a comeback, on her own after separating with Trevor.

According to him, Mungai doesn’t want to work and instead she only wants to parade her goodies online.

“I did an interview Mungai Eve and I was thinking this chic is back. I was thinking she was going to give us videos upon videos. She’s dumped the guy who was holding her back, Trevor Kafukuswi. I though this guy is done now Mungai Eve is going to fly by herself. Wrong was I . All this b**ches want to sell diabz. Your b**ch doesn’t want to work. She doesn’t want to wake up do interviews, all she wants to do is sell diabz,” he claimed

Comparing Mungai to Kamene Goro, Kibe said that Kamene could at least work, after she made a comeback at NRG radio.

“She enjoyed working, she would have made a terrible housewife. DJ Bons dodged a bullet. Just imagine hio kitu iko kwa hao the whole day,” he said.

Kibe’s remarks came after Mungai visited Dubai for her birthday vacation, and she shared the beautiful moments she captured on her social media pages.

At the end of the vacation, she opened up about her separation with Trevor admitting that she doesn’t hold a grudge towards him.

“I don’t have any bad blood with anyone. I wish them all the best. It would be so bad for you to have known somebody for so long then you start having grudges and everything. They were part of my story and that is why I would never ever sit down and start addressing some issues.

“I have no bad blood with anyone. Having grudges is just too much to handle on my plate. I have people looking up to me, I am not the kind of person who keeps grudges,” she said.

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