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Christina Shusho Explains Why She Was Forced To Get Married At 19

Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho has revealed that she was married off soon after completing her high school.

At the time, she was just 19 years old. According to her, her mother was worried that she would go astray and bring shame to her family because she was too beautiful.

“I got married when I was 19. When I finished my education form four, my mother saw me at home and I was this beautiful girl at home, don’t see me like this, I have now beaten. When I used to pass, there are guys who would admire me. When I finished school, my mother was so scared that when I continued staying at home, I would go astray and bring shame upon the family.

” So when this man approached my mother expressing interest in me, she simply agreed out of fear. I was indeed very beautiful,” she said

Where she was married to, she was forced to serve around 10 men.

“My work was to cook for them, wash for them, and prepare everything was I a wife or a house girl? This is my question up to today,” Shusho said.

This comes just weeks after revealing why she decided to end her marriage.

“I have always been authentic and truthful. The reality is that it’s just a mission. Nothing else has changed. The assignment God gave me at this time required me to leave where I was. I had to leave to fulfil the mission.

“Marriage is a part of life, but what God has placed within us are two different things. God might have given you one thing and me another. What’s important is that we understand and respect each other’s gifts and find common ground,” Shusho explained.

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