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“Utauliwa!” Nyako Tells Tizian To Stop Posting His Flashy Lifestyle To Avoid Early Death

“Hii show off ni gani? Unafukuza lion? You don’t show off in TikTok, they’ll come after you!” Nyako warns Tizian.

Tizian was a close friend to the late TikTok star Brian Chira who sadly lost his life in unclear circumstances.

Nyako, has given advice to Tizian, urging him to be more careful about his flashy social media presence. Nyako warned Tizian that his extravagant displays on social media could attract the wrong kind of attention, including people who might wish him harm.

Her concern stems from the fact that Tizian’s flashy lifestyle on social media might make him a target for those with malicious intentions.

Nyako fears that some individuals might see Tizian’s wealth and success as an opportunity to scheme against him, potentially leading to dangerous situations.

She hopes to protect him from potential threats and avoid any unwanted attention that could put his safety at risk.

Nyako emphasizes the importance of being cautious and mindful of the information shared online, especially when it comes to showcasing one’s wealth and lifestyle.

While it’s natural to want to share one’s achievements and experiences, she hopes Tizian may now understand the potential risks associated with flaunting his wealth and extravagant lifestyle online.

In a world where social media can often blur the lines between reality and perception, it’s important for popular and famous persons to strike a balance between sharing their lives with others and safeguarding their privacy and safety.


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