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Rev Lucy Natasha Addresses The Question Of Childlessness In Her Marriage

Rev Lucy Natasha, who has been married for two years now, says the lack of children in her marriage has made her experience the joy of being a mother through her sister’s fertility.

Speaking to Oga Obinna, Natasha said she and her husband Prophet Stanley Carmel have been praying fervently to God to bless them with a child.

She noted that her fertility is now in God’s hand.

“We are waiting on God. I would like to have two children, of any gender that God will give us,” she said.

The preacher however stated that she takes pride in being a mother to her younger sister’s children.

“My younger sister is married and blessed with two children, and I usually see the joy and pride of being a mother in her fertility. I also look forward to and desire that one day God will bless us with biological offspring,” Natasha said.

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