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“Huwezi Record Mtu Umezaa Naye Akifa” Father Of DJ Brownskin’s Late Wife Speaks 

The father of Sharon Njeri, DJ Brownskin’s late wife, has broken silence after a video of his daughter taking what is believed to be a poisonous substance emerged online.

In a nearly 3-minute long video uploaded on social media  the elderly man said that he was in the process of healing from his loss when the matter surfaced again.

He however said that he never knew Sharon and DJ Brownskin had issues in their marriage the family lived happily. On the fateful day, he was called while at his workplace and told that Sharon had taken drugs.

“I am Sharon’s father. I lost my daughter last year and you don’t want me to heal.  While in the healing process she is on social media again. I have never been told there were marital issues. I am just seeing that right now that there a problem,” the elderly man said.

“I was called while at work that she had taken poison. I have never been told how it was. I know they lived happily. They would visit me in Kamulu together with their two children,” he added.

Sharon’s father criticized DJ Brownskin for recording his dying wife. According to him, he should have recorded a video where he found her cheating instead. He also said that Brownskin took Sharon to hospital when she was already dead.

“I have seen that he knows how to capture videos so much. Why is he saying that he found his wife(cheating), he should have recorded the video. You can’t record a video of someone you have two children with dying. Even if she is wrong. She loves you and dies because of her love to you but you record her dying. Is that the price you can give her. Remember the good things she did for you.

“You took a dead body to the hospital. You did not take a sick person. You had that time to record her instead of saving her life. For me to be satisfied as a parent, my daughter should get justice daughter,” he said.



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