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Murugi Munyi’s Husband Zack Allegedly Caught Cheating With A Hot Lass

“And the way Murugi keeps screaming “my man my man” all the time. Men will embarrass you!” Netizens reacts.

Murugi Munyi, known for her cheerful persona and previously as “Yummy Mummy,” is faced a challenging situation after her husband Zack was spotted at a bar in Mombasa, enjoying himself with another woman.

The unfortunate incident left netizens feeling sympathetic towards Murugi, who often publicly praised her husband in videos, referring to him as “my man my man.”

In an interview on ‘Ilikuwaje’ with Massawe Japanni, Murugi explained her decision to change her name from Yummy Mummy to Murugi. She revealed that the Yummy Mummy persona limited the brands interested in collaborating with her. She confessed that during the Yummy Mummy era, she was grappling with the challenges of motherhood.

Murugi Munyi, a mother of three, is raising her son, Ethan, with her husband Zack, despite him not being the boy’s biological father.

The alleged expose’ of Zack’s escapade with another woman will definitely have impact on Murugi. This is not the first time Zack is cheating on her.

In 2023, Nurse Judy has opened up about her love affair with Murugi Munyi’s husband.

As a content creator, Murugi uses her platform to share her experiences and insights into motherhood, aiming to support and inspire other women facing similar challenges.

Her openness about her journey resonates with many, offering a glimpse into the realities of parenthood and relationships.


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