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“Usipeane Vitu Zako” Kanyari Urges Women To Stop Sleeping With Men For Free

Pastor Victor Kanyari has urged women against giving their bodies to men for free.

According to him, men who are not ready to pay for sleeping with a woman shouldn’t be given the chance.

“If that man is not giving you money, don’t give him your  private part. People should stick with their things. If he says he doesn’t have money tell him thank you. If he tries to unbutton your trouser at night, in fact go to bed with a trouser and a belt, hit that hand with a mwiko. If he asks why you have hit him tell him to stick with his money as you stick with the things God made you with,” Kanyari said.

Kanyari noted that men can’t survive without women’s private parts, something that will even make them even sell their lands.

“He can even sell a piece of land to get that thing. But you are  giving them easily, that is why they don’t know their value. From today, women stick with your things and let them stick with theirs,” the preacher said.

He added that, ” Don’t give your things for free, your mother was taken with goats, sheep and cow. For you you are just bought chips and chicken and you remove clothes giving him something that can bring lands and plots, you are giving it for free. Reject that in the name of Jesus.”

He went ahead to vow that once he gets a girlfriend, he wouldn’t sleep with her for free, paying her each and every moment they engage in the natural act.

He also advised his female audience against dating for over 10 years.

Kanyari said that during the period, because of having romantic relations with their partner, their beauty and shape that God created them with fades away.

He further advised women to maintain their beauty by applying makeup and other beauty materials.

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