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“Matapeli Wamemuibia” KRG Gifts Stevo Kshs5000 After Squashing Their Beef

KRG The Don and Stevo Simple Boy engaged in a heated exchange online early last year after Stevo claimed he doesn’t know who KRG was.

In his retaliatory remarks, KRG said that Stevo should be put to use as a scare crow. Stevo also didn’t take that lying down, later referring to KRG as a video vixen.

The two artists however met last night and buried the hatchet. In a video that KRG shared, Stevo apologized for fighting him, saying that it was just for the internet.

“But for me, I forgave you because I saw you fainted, life is taking a toll on you,” he said.

“I finally met Stivo Simple Boy kumbe you guys wanted me to beat him bure tu!!!! Yeye Hana maneno na MSANII WA RAIS KABISA!!!! From now onwards we are friends and you guys should support his hustle hadi akue stable truly 👊#Bughaaa msanii wa president,” KRG further stated.

He also advised Stevo to be keen on the people he is dealing with in Nairobi.

“Cons are so many in Nairobi, deal with people who already have a purpose in life. Those who are driving Range Rovers, they don’t have a reason to steal from you,” he told the rapper.

At the same time, he also gifted him Kshs5000.

“I don’t want the phone to be switched off so that people start saying I didn’t give him the money, let me just do it on camera,” he said and handed Stevo the money.

“Usitumikange vibaya town, unaona watu walikuwa wananitukana kama Kibe wanataka kumumaliza, watu wa Bughaa,” the father of four further advised.

He also called upon Kenyans to support Stevo so that he can also purchase a Toyota Prado like his.

“Matepeli wamemuibia, si wanawake si wale mamanager. Nyinyi mnamsifu tu ati ako na talent, kama mnjaua ako na talenmty mnunue mziki na Tshirt mpaka anunue prado maanake hajui kazi ingine, ni kuimba tu,” KRG said

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