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Why Andrew Kibe Never Bothered To Divorce His Wife After Their Toxic Relationship

Andrew Kibe has revealed that he never went through the divorce process after separating with his wife.

In an interview with Mic Cheque Podcast, Kibe said he has no problem with it because he has no plans of marrying again.

“No. We never went that way… If one day she files for a divorce then we shall deal with it. but I am not planning to remarry so it’s not a big deal. I know she’s probably waiting for me to become richer than I am right now,” he said.

Asked on how their relationship was he said, “Just the way it is with any other man. Very toxic.”

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He also opened up on an incident where his woman cheated on him with another man.

“I was very inexperienced. I tried to get her but my buddy saw I was fumbling… He took advantage of the situation and slept with her. The following morning I went to ask her why she did that. I was asking her to make it make sense.

“Imagine nimeoshwa dem and am still going back to ask why. Why did I do that? Why did I behave that way? It’s very uncharacteristic of a man to do that. It was one of my very lowest moments with women,” Kibe said.

In the past, the former radio host revealed that he did not marry willingly but was forced into marriage by his pastors. Before marrying, he was also made to fast for three days.

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