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Drama As Size 8 Goes Swimming While Fully Dressed(Video)

“Kuwa mtumishi wa Mungu ni gharama……. Ama mnaona aje?” Size 8 captioned the video.


Pastor Size 8 has cracked netizens after she went to swim while fully dressed.

The gospel singer shared a video of herself swimming while dressed in a white dress. She was in the company of her husband. The couple was spending quality time at Diamonds Leisure.

“Kuwa mtumishi wa Mungu ni gharama……. Ama mnaona aje?” Size 8 captioned the video.

In the video she is heard telling DJ Mo that she will swim while dressed like that and won’t change into a swimming costume.

“Mi nitaswim hivi beb. Niko tayari. Unjaua mimi ni pastor because of being a pastor I can’t change into a swimming costume. I am decent enough to swim,” she said as she entered the swimming pool.

“Pastors we are not supposed to show our bodies too much so lazima tuingie hivi kama tunaogelea,” she further said.

DJ Mo was however left saying “hizi ni gani sasa hata kama ndio kuwa pastor.”

He further said that he won’t support Size 8 on that again in the comments section.

“Babe Kesho I won‚Äôt allow this honestly ‚ÄĒ swimming na full attire . . And am here supporting you on this ūü§£ . I won‚Äôt allow this again,” the father of two said.


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Last year, Size 8 faced a lot of criticism after her husband shared a photo of her dressed in a bikini. The two were on vacation and netizens pointed out that a pastor shouldn’t dress like that.

DJ Mo however defended her and urged netizens to stop the hate saying it will kill the industry.

“With all the hate, we are killing our industry. If you notice, there is nothing different in our secular and gospel industries. If you keep on saying gospel is dead, even the secular industry what are they doing? Hakuna kitu wanafanya. So may our fans learn to support Kenyan creatives. That is my message. Whatever industry a person is, let us learn to support them,” he said.


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