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“Tunaiwaita Buddha” Why Morgan Bahati Can’t Date A Girl From His School

Morgan, the elder son of Bahati and Diana Marua has ruled out the possibility of getting a girlfriend from the boarding school he currently schools in.

The teenager delved into the subject with his parents in a video that was shared on Diana’s YouTube channel. The subject came up for discussion when Diana complained about her shaggy her natural hair was suggesting that she needed to go to the salon and urged Bahati to accompany her.

Bahati disagreed saying she was perfectly fine, further revealing that girls in Morgan’s school shave their hair.

“Wananyoa kipara tunaiwatanga Buddha, wale Chinese wanatrain kwa temple huwa wanakuwa kipara sana so hao wasichana wanaitwa hivyo,” Morgan admitted.

Bahati noted that taking him to a boarding school will ensure that he will appreciate women who are natural, by the time he gets married.

Diana on the other hand wanted to know if any of the girls at the school had won Morgan’s heart.

Morgan was however not of the idea of dating clean shaven women. In a bid to convince him, Diana urged him to look at their hearts and not hair.

“Wasichana wa huko hawaezifall in love, unaturn hivi unapata msichana anafanana na wewe. Wakivaa tracksuit wawekwe kwa line mmoja na boys, huwezi ona hapo girls huwezijua kama kuna wasichana kwa hio shule unless aongee,” Morgan said cracking up his parents.

He admitted that in his first week at the school, he had difficulty in differentiating between boys and girls.

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