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“Siwezimangamanga” Amber Ray Speaks After Being Spotted With Another Man In A Club

Amber Ray has also denied claims of going broke hence the decision of relocating to Syokimau with her family.

According to her, Rapudo and her moved to Syokimau because it was time for them to stop paying rent and instead become home owners.

“People will always say a lot of stuff. For me I don’t care what people say so long as we are happy, we are living our best life, you can’t please everyone. I love Syokimau, it gives me peace, it is in Machakos . It is close to home, my mum and all. Another thing nimefika stage ya it’s high time I should stop paying rent,” she told Vloggers.

The mother of two added that she is looking forward to acquire another home especially in Machakos, as she intends to move away from the  hustle and bustle of the city because age is catching up with her.

“Our house in Syokimau is not my dream house  so am yearning more to my dream house,” Amber Ray said.

At the same time, she addressed a video where she was spotted with another man in a club, dispelling cheating claims.

“Amber Ray is news, anything I do is news and for that pia imenisaidia kwa relationship like siwezimangamanga. Huwezifanya kitu stupid. When you see me seated someone somewhere especially in a public place, haiwezikuwa kuna kitu. Papparazi don’t have a job that is why they keep following everything that I do,” the social media influencer said.

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