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Netizens Shocked As Pastor Kanyari Claims To Be King Roso On TikTok

“Hamkua mnajua, King Roso ni Kanyari. You are talking with King Roso himself!” Pastor Kanyari says.

Netizens were left laughing when Pastor Kanyari, known for his controversial antics, claimed to be the mysterious figure known as King Roso on TikTok. But who exactly is King Roso? He is unknown, nameless character who has gained fame for showering content creators with lavish gifts, particularly rare and expensive lions, sparking admiration among recipients and netizens.

Recently, the controversial prophet Victor Kanyari joined TikTok, where his live sessions garnered him even more attention. Despite rumors suggesting he joined the platform for financial gain, Kanyari clarified that his main aim is to spread the gospel among the platform’s predominantly youthful users.

Since joining TikTok, Kanyari has been actively engaging with his followers, learning from them, and interacting with various TikTokers. However, some of his actions on the platform have raised eyebrows.

During one live session, Kanyari made an unusual request for gifts, asking followers to send flowers, lions, and hats instead of traditional offerings. This peculiar prayer left many puzzled about his intentions.

Kanyari also praised a TikToker named Tizian for his fashion sense, expressing admiration for the young man’s dreadlocks and even considering getting similar hairstyle and starting to ride a motorcycle.

But the most shocking moment came when Kanyari hinted at being King Roso, urging people to treat him kindly. This revelation left netizens amused and questioning the true identity behind the mysterious TikTok persona.

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