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“Stop Attacking My Father” Thickyy Sandra Defends Her Dad Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko is being roasted after showing off cash like a Sinaloa mafia in Mehiko!

In the undated footage,like an upcoming rapper, Mike Sonko proudly boasted about his immense wealth, telling off his unknown critics, who claimed he’s no-longer loaded like before.

“People claim I lack wealth because I don’t contribute to children’s needs. But who said that anyone over 18 is considered a child? Someone who has already experienced childbirth, received education until completing school. I do possess wealth, but it is not meant for the support of children. Rather, I have financial resources allocated for the well-being of my spouses.” Sonko rants in the video.

The initial stack consisted of one hundred American dollar bills, while the second stack comprised Kenyan currency, humorously referred to as his “petty cash money.”

Ever since his entrance into the political arena, Mike Mbuvi Sonko has established a reputation for being an extravagant individual who enjoys distributing money among his followers.

Finer Details Of Close Relative Who Made Sonko Went On A Ranting Spree, Show Off Ksh32 Million In Boxes

His fortune expanded significantly after being elected as Nairobi’s second governor in 2017. Consequently, he frequently caught the public eye cruising around in lavish vehicles, sporting fashionable attire, adorned with exquisite jewelry, and owning an array of luxurious items.

"Am Single And I Don't Eat Ugali Without Blue Band" Mike Sonko’s Youngest Daughter Sandra Mbuvi Opens Up About HerselfVia Instagram stories, Sandra Mbuvi famously known as Thickky Sandra is asking Kenyans to understand his father.

“Guys please stop attacking my father in that video everyone gets upset and if it were you in that position you would have flipped even worse y’all don’t see things from his point of view but then so quick to jump into conclusions he’s human too a beg!” She says.

Thickky Sandra

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