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“Samidoh Ako Na Nyota Ya Ngono” Kibe Attacks Karen Nyamu And Her Lover Over Their Intimate Video

Andrew Kibe says the police job will come to and end, “Kazi ya karao itaisha, dekki is forever!”

With a burning fury in his heart, Andrew Kibe says Mugithi star, Samidoh is diek driven, in the aftermath of a viral video that captured him and Senator Karen Nyamu touching each other like new young lovers and Karen shows off her thighs,on camera.

With rage, Kibe has unleashed a scathing attack on the unsuspecting superstar. The video captured a scene of pure passion and desire, as Karen Nyamu and Samidoh indulged in a tantalizing display of affection.

Blogger Martha Hinga Speaks On 'Dirty' Video Of Karen Nyamu And Samidoh 

With each passing touch and smile, their passion burns brighter. Karen Nyamu at some point bares her luscious thighs to the world, a daring display that only served to ignite her lover, Samidoh.

Andrew Kibe says Samidoh must surely be blessed by the divine power, for what other explanation could there be for the allure he holds over women’s hearts?

How else can one explain the magnetic pull he has on women, fans and secret admirers? He argues the Kikuyu music crooner has a force so strong that even acts shamelessly in his wife’s presence.


Kifee also wonders what Edday Nderitu did to Sam that makes him act as if she doesn’t exist. He believes there might be another reason behind Samidoh’s behavior, one that could shed light on the mystery of his infidelity.

According to Kibe, it is entirely possible that Samidoh’s wife, Edday, may have strayed from their marriage in the past, and that this betrayal has driven him to seek solace in the arms of other women.

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