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Harmonize Reacts To Diamond’s New Crush Fantana

Diamond Platnumz is in love with a curvaceous Ghanaian rapper known as Fantana.

Diamond expressed his feelings for Fantana in the recent episode of the Young, Famous and African reality show.

This has caught the attention of many including Diamond’s former signee, Harmonize, who indirectly shared his thoughts about the subject.

The Konde gang founder took to Instagram to welcome Diamond to the gang that loves women with huge butts.

“Welcome to the gang bro, ma**ko,” the artist cheekily wrote on his Insta stories.

Harmonize is one of the celebrities who is known for loving women with big nyash. His ex-wife Sarah Michelloti, his ex-girlfriends Briana, Frida Kajala and now his recent rumored Rwandan girlfriend, all have that in common.

In the ongoing Season of the Young Famous  and African Reality series, Diamond could not hide his feelings for the Ghanaian rapper.

The WCB founder invited Fantana to his South African mansion and he later kissed her passionately.

“Can I kiss your lips?” Diamond said before kissing the rapper and asking her to accompany him to him upstairs.

“I always thought I was an exceptional kisser until I experienced the touch of Fantana’s lips. It wasn’t just a kiss, it felt like she was ‘eating’ me,” the artist later reflected on the moment.

The duo have however roasted Diamond’s baby mama Zari in the recent episodes. Diamond told Fantana that Zari wanted to have with a third child with him.

Zari and Fantana have also been exchanging words with Fantana telling the socialite that she is jealous of her because Diamond is interested in dating her.

Zari has however not taken their comments lying down.

““It is not my responsibility to be liked by everyone. My duty is to be true to myself, and the right people will naturally be drawn to me,” the mother of five said on Instagram in one of her responses.



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