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Nlimkatazwa Aachane Na DJ Fatxo Hakuskia! Shocking Testimonies At Jeff Mwathi Death Inquest 

In a recent testimony at the inquest into the untimely death of Jeff Mwathi, his mother, Hannah Mwathi, revealed chilling details of her last conversation with her son before his tragic demise.

Hannah recounted warning Jeff about the dangers of associating with DJ Fatso, expressing concerns about the risky behavior he was engaging in.

She shared voice notes and messages from Jeff, portraying the close relationship she had with her son and her efforts to protect him from harm.

During the inquest, a voice note was played, featuring Hannah’s cautionary message to Jeff about the perils of the Nairobi lifestyle and the importance of avoiding negative influences.

Despite her pleas for him to go home alone, Jeff insisted on being dropped off by DJ Fatso, a decision that would ultimately have devastating consequences.

The heart-wrenching account continued as Hannah described the final phone call she received from Jeff, a desperate cry for help before the line went dead.

Firm in her conviction that her son was not suffering from depression and had a promising future ahead, Hannah dismissed the notion of suicide and pointed towards potential foul play involving DJ Fatso.

As the investigation unfolds, Hannah Mwathi remains resolute in her pursuit of justice for her beloved son, advocating for a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding his death.

“Naomba hii koti inipatie justice ya mtoto wangu,” she said.

Jeff Mwathis mother Hannah Mwathi making her submission at her sons death inquest

Her unwavering determination serves as a poignant reminder of the need for vigilance among parents in safeguarding their children from the dangers that lurk in urban environments like Nairobi.

The ongoing inquest promises to unravel more details, shedding light on the events leading up to Jeff Mwathi’s tragic passing.

Hannah’s courageous testimony stands as a testament to a mother’s love and her relentless quest for truth and accountability in the face of adversity.

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