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Sarah Drops Strongest Hints She Has Been Sleeping With Diamond Even When He Was Dating Other Women 

Sarah, Diamond Platinumz’s former girlfriend, is shedding light on their past romance, revealing intriguing details about their relationship even after years of separation.

Despite their breakup over a decade ago, Sarah disclosed that Diamond never ceased his efforts to win her back, even while he was involved with other women like Wema Sepetu and Penny.

“He still looked for me even when he was with Wema Sepetu, Penny, and others. He stayed looking for me,” Sarah revealed.

She described herself as a businesswoman and shared insights into Diamond’s persistence in reaching out to her, even enlisting others to help find her contact information.

Sarah candidly disclosed that Diamond’s attempts to reconnect intensified during times of strife in his relationship with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

“I waited for Nasibu’s call when he was with Zari, but it never came until they started having issues in their relationship,” Sarah stated.

Their relationship dates back to 2007, and Sarah mentioned Diamond’s desire to marry her and start a family.

However, their breakup in 2009 was attributed to Diamond’s jealousy and their youthful immaturity.

“He was a very jealous lover, and we were both very young,” Sarah explained, noting Diamond’s discomfort with her club outings.

Diamond recently credited Sarah as the inspiration behind his hit song ‘Kamwambie,’ citing the heartbreak from their breakup as the driving force behind the lyrics.

Sarah’s revelations offer a glimpse into the complexities of Diamond’s romantic history and the enduring impact of past relationships on his music and personal life.

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