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Willis Raburu’s Last Message To Former Colleagues As He Quits His High Paying Job At TV47

Willis Raburu’s departure from TV47 on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, marked the end of an era for the media house, sparking concerns among employees about potential changes within the company, which had recently been expanding its workforce.

Addressing his colleagues on his last day, the departing journalist expressed his appreciation for their camaraderie and dedication.

“Yesterday was hard enough looking at all your confused and frustrated faces, but here we are,” he remarked, reflecting on the current state of affairs at TV47.

“I will miss you all dearly, we were starting to settle down, and the flow and working together has been the honor of my life.”

Despite the uncertainties surrounding his departure, he encouraged his former colleagues to remain confident in their abilities and contributions.

“No one should tell you that you don’t deserve to be in your current positions,” he affirmed.

As TV47 endeavors to solidify its position in the media landscape, the departing journalist expressed optimism about the potential of the current team to thrive and succeed in the future.

“If we can go back to bed and sleep at night having tried, then we’ve done our best for the day,” he emphasized in his farewell message.

While his next career move remains undisclosed, he expressed hope of crossing paths with his former colleagues in the news industry.

During his eight-month tenure at TV47, he held the position of Director of Digital Services and Innovation, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and collaboration.

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