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Edday Celebrates 1 Year Since She Left Samidoh To The Love Of His Life, Karen Nyamu

“Nothing but prayers! Glory be to God, you’re blessed!” Netizens celebrate with Edday Nderitu who looks so beautiful these days after breaking up with Samidoh.

Edday Ndiritu, the legal wife of Mugithi singer Samidoh, is celebrating one year since she made the courageous decision to leave her marriage and start a new life. Edday, who was the first wife to Samidoh and shares three children with him, relocated to the United States to embark on this new chapter of her life.

Taking to her Facebook page, Edday expressed pride in her decision, revealing the courage and determination it took to take such a bold step. She reflected on the growth and resilience she has experienced over the past year, emphasizing her newfound strength and the valuable insights she has gained about herself and her abilities.

In her post, Edday acknowledged the uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead but affirmed her commitment to keep moving forward. She encouraged others to embrace every step of their journey, even if it feels uncertain or scary, as each step presents an opportunity for growth and learning.

Addressing misconceptions about her departure from her marriage, Edday clarified that she was not involved in any polygamous marriage and left her husband for the sake of her children, particularly her teenage daughter, who was negatively impacted by the environment at home.

“Lemmie clarify few things that were shared online and not accurate‚Ķ‚Ķ I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated I left the husband for whoever needed him more,” Edday wrote.


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