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Former Lesbian Michelle Ntalami Gets Saved Accepts Jesus

Michelle Ntalami a popular Kenyan businesswoman and social media influencer who for many years, lived as a lesbian and dated women, including a public relationship with Chris Makena is now saved.

Her life changed dramatically in August 2023 when she had a spiritual experience and became a devout Christian.

In an Instagram post, Ntalami shared about her conversion to Christianity. She says on August 21, 2023, she had an encounter with God Himself. Despite her business success, she felt deeply wounded inside from past hurts. One night, in total surrender, she cried out questioning God’s existence.

Michelle Ntalami felt an overwhelming rush of love and light. She heard a thunderous, beautiful voice call her name three times. God blinded her with light and she fell to the floor, realizing she was in God’s presence. For an hour, God showed her visions and spoke to her about her life.

After this experience, Ntalami’s life transformed completely. She gave her life fully to Jesus Christ. God healed her heart and set her free from her past. She experienced a profound peace. Although not perfect, she is committed to walking with Christ.

Ntalami says everything she does now, including her social media influence, will be for God’s glory. Her passion is to share how God changed her life. She believes her story can save souls and touch the world.

The former lesbian and LGBTQ activist ended her post with a Bible verse: “Who the Son sets free is free indeed.”


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