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“Ni Beshte” MC Gogo Comes Clean On Dating Mungai Eve

Popular youthful emcee Gogo has denied claims of an ongoing romantic relationship with digital media journalist Mungai Eve.

The duo sparked relationship rumours after they shared photos and videos donning matching outfits.

In an interview with Ankali Ray, Gogo however said that they were just on an interview, and that nothing is going on between them, adding that they are just friends.

“Tulikuwa tu interview. Hapana hakuna kitu huyo ni beshte yangu kama wale beshte zangu wengine,” the 23-year old set the record straight.

According to him, it was just a coincidence that they were both donning the red and black outfits.

He maintained that he is still in a relationship with his girlfriend, who he shared a glimpse of, during her birthday a while back. He declined to share any details about her including her name

“Huyo anakuanga anonymous. Tumedate for a while lakini miaka imepita kadhaa, more than two,” he said.

Gogo noted that he won’t be changing his woman because he is sure that he is the one.

While Gogo is sure of his relationship, Mungai Eve on the other hand recently revealed that she was no longer single during an interaction with fans and followers in her comments section.

One asked her, “Babygal, you single?” and she responded saying, “I am not.”

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