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Kate Actress Reacts After Being Slammed For Recording Herself While Helping Flood Victims

Kate Actress has responded defiantly to critics who questioned her motives for recording and sharing her efforts in assisting victims of the ongoing floods in Kenya.

In a bold statement, the mother of two defended her actions, emphasizing her social responsibility to shed light on the challenges facing her fellow Kenyans and to mobilize support during times of crisis.

“I have a social responsibility to not only amplify and sensitize my people on social ills and injustices but also to mobilize resources in times of need,” Kate Actress asserted on her social media platform.

Addressing those who criticized her for documenting her philanthropic work, Kate Actress asserted her individuality, reminding them that she operates differently and has her own set of responsibilities.

“Next time you are inspired to type ‘leave the camera at home,’ kindly remember that I am not you, beloved!!! Have a responsibility!” she declared.

Kate Actress further highlighted the impact of their efforts, revealing that they had provided assistance to 250 families in the flood-affected town of Githurai. She credited Wangari, a local businesswoman, for donating food supplies to the affected families.

“250 Githurai flood victims received food donations from Wangari, a businesswoman running a catering business in Kahawa Wendani after our visit yesterday. I would have preferred to use smoke signals, but unfortunately, the phone did the lord’s work,” Kate Actress concluded in her post.

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