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Stephen Letoo Steps Down As Chairman Of Men’s Conference After His Wedding

Netizens were left feeling betrayed by Stephen Letoo following his decision to embrace monogamy, with a grand wedding at Ole Ntimama Stadium.

Stephen Letoo announced his resignation from his self-appointed position as chairman of the men’s conference. This decision, he explained, came amidst mounting pressure, particularly following his recent wedding.

In a video statement, Letoo disclosed that he had been compelled to cut short his honeymoon to address the nation on his leadership within the men’s conference. Despite his past advocacy for polygamy, Letoo and his longtime partner, Irene Renoi, celebrated their union in a vibrant public wedding at Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok County.

Letoo clarified that he had resigned as chairman and that the committee was actively seeking a replacement. However, he did not elaborate on the main reason for his resignation.

“After soul-searching and observing what has been happening online, I have decided to step down as chairman and have therefore tendered my resignation to the Nairobi-based Men’s Conference office,” Letoo stated.

Before his marriage, Letoo had publicly expressed his intention to marry seven women and advised men against going on honeymoons with their wives. However, he later contradicted his own advice by going on a honeymoon with his newlywed wife to Dubai.


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