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Diamond Will Soon Expose Men That Have Been Eyeing His Woman Zuchu

Diamond has vowed to expose men who have been hitting on  his lovely woman Zuchu, whose real name is Zuhura Othman.

In a post he shared on Instagram, the WCB boss said that he has enough screenshots of messages that the admirers have been sending his woman and soon he will be sharing them.

“Na sasa hivi tunaanza kuzipost messages zao, maana kama mie nimezi-screenshot za kutosha tu nataka nianze kuwaanika wanaomnyapia nyapia Zuhura.”

Diamond’s threat comes just days after he and Zuchu were spotted all loved up, during a vacation in Dubai.

“DZ+DUBAI=DZUBAI,” Zuchu captioned the photos on Instagram, leaving fans confused about the status of their relationship, as Zuchu had announced that she had ended their relationship because of disrespect.

In her long post on Instagram, she said that she was tired of Diamond subjecting her to insults.

“This is precisely why I left; it’s exhausting to be with a man who pushes you to be insulted by people while he’s the one contributing to your humiliation.

“His woman is just a stepping stone for everyone around him; once he decides, they all unite and tarnish my reputation while he remains silent and all he does is sit and swallow. I’m trying to be a good person, but being a weak link in my life is him,” the sukari hitmaker wrote.

She further said that, “Every time they wake up with anger, they come with their attitude towards Zuchu. People I don’t even know are given content to speak against me. My enemies collaborate with them, sitting with this man, and they gain strength, blaming it on Zuchu.”

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