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“She Is A s3x Addict” Ringtone Reveals Why He Refused To Marry Justina

Ringtone has insisted that his ideal woman should be born again, love God and live up to His word.

In a bid to follow God’s command that Human Beings should fill the world, Ringtone said that the perfect candidate should be able to give birth to more than 7 children.

Ringtone however turned down Justina, who availed herself as the ideal partner.

The chairman of gospel music said that following the pressure, questions and suggestions that he should marry Justina, he said that he had to dig information about her such that he even looked for a pastor from her village, who knows her very well.

“She had become so notorious in wanting us to get married. The pastor told me that he knows why Justina split with her husband. Justina was dumped because she loves sex so much. She loves bedroom matters,” Ringtone said while speaking to various digital media.

He said that he doesn’t want a woman who will make him spend a lot of time in the bedroom, because he has a responsibility of ministering the word of God.

“She is addicted. I was told. Those are not my words but the pastor’s who knows her very well,” the gospel singer said.

According to Ringtone, there were plans to take Justina to hospital as well as for counselling to regulate her addiction.

“As God’s servant, I am supposed to preach, go on missions. Even if I marry her, there is a probability that our marriage won’t last because her of her addiction, what would she be doing while am away on missions?” he posed

Ringtone said that the sexual matter was a red flag for him and he didn’t take time to check on her other qualities that might be fit for a wife..

“Once you see a red flag ran away,” he suggested.

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