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Brown Mauzo Wants To Sleep With His Best Friend After Breaking Up With Vera Sidika

Brown Mauzo has revealed that he is seeking a friend-with-benefit arrangement since he is no longer tied to Vera Sidika.

Mauzo on August 30, 2023, announced the end of his marriage to socialite Vera Sidika.

He took to his Insta stories and penned a series of messages, updating his fans about their mutual decision to part ways amicably.

Mauzo expressed gratitude for the moments he and Vera Sidika shared during their time together.

‚ÄúI wanted to take a moment to share some personal news. After much consideration, Vera Sidika and I have decided to part ways. Our journey together has been filled with unforgettable moments, but we have reached a point where it‚Äôs best for both of us and our babies, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, to move forward separately,‚ÄĚ he shared.

Now that he is single, Brown Mauzo has now expressed his desire to have a best friend he will be sleeping with.

“I want a best friend I can sleep with,” Brown Mauzo wrote on Insta Stories.



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