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Family Denies Elders Performed Purification Rituals On Brian Chira’s Grave Because Of He Was Gay


The family of late TikToker Brian Chira has refuted reports claiming that Kikuyu elders performed purification rituals at their home to chase away the spirit of homosexuality.

A family member, speaking on condition of anonymity to a local news outlet, dismissed the rumors, stating that no such activities occurred at their residence.

They emphasized the falsehood of the claims despite their circulation online.

“There was nothing like that. No one came to our home for cleansing. I have seen the stories online but they are not true,” the family member clarified.

An undated TikTok video surfaced depicting a group of Kikuyu elders engaged in prayers for divine forgiveness.

Clad in traditional attire, the elders addressed various concerns, including LGBTQ issues among youth and the prevalence of illicit alcohol consumption in Kikuyu territory.

One elder denounced same-sex marriage and expressed remorse for departing from traditional values.

“We have come here to Jamaica to condemn the wrongs that have been done. We have witnessed instances of men marrying other men in our community and we strongly condemn such occurrences from ever happening again,” stated one of the elders, seeking forgiveness for their community’s missteps.

Brian Chira, aged 23, was laid to rest on March 26 in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County, on his grandmother’s ancestral land.

The burial ceremony attracted a sizable crowd, predominantly from the content creator community, known as the ‘Chira Clan,’ leaving villagers astonished.

However, the event was marred by disorder as hundreds of TikTokers gathered around the grave, some behaving inappropriately.

Despite attempts by religious leaders to lead the service, they were sidelined, and the burial proceeded amidst chaos, with even family members and villagers standing by, bewildered by the unconventional scene.

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