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YouTuber I Am Marwa Confronted For Inducting Villagers Into Devil Worshipping 

YouTube travel vlogger Fredrick Marwa aka I Am Marwa is facing serious accusations of recruiting villagers in his rural home into devil worshipping.

Marwa was faced with allegations of recruiting villagers into Freemasonry because of the development he made in his village in Isibania, a town in Migori County near the Kenya-Tanzania border.

The YouTuber is putting up final touches on a huge mansion he is constructing in his village.

He also introduced several villagers into content creation on YouTube which is earning them a living from revenue generated from the video streaming site.

Naysayers in the village seeing how Marwa changed the fortune of several people started accusing him of inducting villagers into devil worshipping.

Marwa opened up about the accusations of Freemasonry involvement from his village in a post on social media.

“People in my village are saying we are in “freemasonry” Lol they say all YouTubers in my village have joined and I am their leader. I believe in God and I am not a Mason I have nothing against them. Ignorance is a disease. It was so serious that the area chief called a meeting 2 weeks ago to address the rumors. Tell these people to welcome success. Poverty is not for God and riches for the devil,” he wrote.


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