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Samidoh Commends Githunguri Family That Chased Away Gospel Singer Karangu Muraya

Samidoh couldn’t resist adding his comedic touch to the situation after gospel singer Karangu Muraya shared a charity experience gone awry.

Karangu took to his Facebook page and recounted a time when he helped a family from Githunguri, only for them to discover a snake on their property the next morning.

He said the family later called and warned him against returning to their home.

Reflecting on the incident, Karangu wrote, “Some years back, I did a tenda wema in my brother Simon Mwangi Muthiora village, unfortunately a snake ūüźć was found in the home compound the following morning, I received a call from the family requesting me never to step at that home again….the other part I will share when I grow up….ūü§£ūü§£”

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Samido, known for his humorous remarks, couldn’t resist chiming in.

He hilariously commented, “If it was a real snake, I too would never want to see you again,” followed by laughing emojis.

Karangu Muraya and Samidoh

“Nyoka ya biu? Onanii ndingienda gugakuona ringiūüėāūüėāūüėāūüėā,” Samidoh wrote.


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