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“Alilewa Akazima” Bahati Cleaned Diana Marua’s Vomit With His Hands In Dubai

“Nilibeba matapiko ya Diana na mikono” Bahati says Diana got drunk and was vomiting uncontrollably in Dubai.

Bahati has publicly criticized his wife Diana for causing him embarrassment during their vacation in Dubai. The couple spent several days in Dubai, both for leisure and work.

Diana indulged in alcohol during their stay in Dubai and became extremely intoxicated to the point where she couldn’t walk on her own and was incoherent, Bahati reveals.

As she was unable to walk steadily, Bahati had to physically carry her from the club albeit his physique, where she was dancing and twerking with some South African women.

Picture this, he had to literally carry her to their car, and unfortunately, she vomited inside the vehicle.

Bahati and Diana Marua in Dubai

That was only the beginning of the embarrassing moments,when they arrived at their hotel room, Diana was vomiting uncontrollably, nearly vomiting on their bed. Bahati had to help her undress and place her in a corner of the room.

Later on, Bahati helped Diana to vomit everything in a corner of the room. As they didn’t have anything to clean up the mess, Bahati had to use his hands to remove the vomit and dispose of it in the bathroom.

It was an incredibly embarrassing moment for Bahati, he narrates, hiding his Dubs memories in light laughter.

Bahati's Former Videographer Reveals Staggering Amount The Singer Makes From YouTube

The “My Abebo” hit singer reveals all the plans and styles he had planned to execute during their trip went to waste.

Diana defended herself by explaining that the alcohol in Dubai is different from what Kenyans are used to, and the wine she consumed had a significant impact on her health, which led to her vomiting.

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