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If I Don’t Die In The Next 3 Years, I Will Be A Living Miracle- Nyako

TikTok sensation Nyako Pilot has revealed that she is very sick and her sickness is on the final stages.

In a Live session on TikTok, the mother of three said that she has very limited time to live, and that the life she is enjoying currently is a bonus.

“The life I have remaining here is a bonus. I am very sick. If I start explaining to you guys how my health is failing day by day, hamueziamini. Lakini mimi mujue I am on my last stages of my sickness Yenye nikisurvive the next 3 years itakuwa a miracle. If I don’t die in the next 3 years, I will be a living miracle am telling you for free,” she said.

Nyako went on to encourage  her audience  to do what is is right and have boundaries when it comes to hurting others.

“The end game, we are all going to perish at some point.  Uwe mgonjwa usiwe mgonjwa kifo lazima kitatemblea kila mtu. What I am asking for is that you be very keen about how you treat other people. Don’t hurt people. Remember, anybody that cries, those tears don’t go for free. Tudhalilishane but let us have boundaries on how far we hurt other people. Mimi sitaeneza chuki. I can still mobilize people to do bad things but that is not how I see things,” she said.

She noted that she has decided to be a good person,  urging her audience to follow in the footsteps without waiting for last minutes.

“My sickness is really humbling me. My heart problem is really humbling me. Money is not everything and it is not that I am broke that I want money from you guys, no. The fact that I feed street children God has given me enough grace to never go hungry. I am not broke and I am not crying because I want you to send me gifts. Don’t wait for your sickness to humble you. Don’t wait until that time that you can not do anything that is when you start regretting. Do it now when you are still healthy and sober” Nyako said.

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