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Willy Tuva Addresses Claims Of Scamming Upcoming Artist Kshs500k  By Using Darassa

Danny Dee, an upcoming artist, exposed Radio Citizen Presenter Mzazi Willy M Tuva, saying that he conned him.

In an interview with Truth Watchdog, Daddy Dee said that the incident happened two years ago, when he was abroad studying while pursuing music.

“He connected me to Darassa. The three of us had a discussion and they said that they would charge me $4000 for the collabo. I said it was a lot but for the love of music I agreed to do it. I send Darassa $2000 as deposit he send me the song, I recorded my part and send it back within a week,” he narrated.

The second week, Darassa was yet to do his part of music claiming that he was busy.

“He then told me that his mother has been sick. I understood and told him to deal with that first before we continue with our project. 4 weeks elapsed and I didn’t see anything. I contacted Tuva and he said that we should give him time he will deliver. Tuva then told me that maybe Darassa wanted the full amount to to give him a verse. Darassa also confirmed that,” Danny Dee said.

He would then channel the remainder of the payment to Tuva but the song was never delivered.

“I talked to Darassa and the way he was talking, it was like he didn’t receive all his money. That was where the problem began,” Danny Dee said.

From there the two began ignoring his calls and  he decided to let it go but with the hope of sharing his story one day.

“I believe so many people have gone through the same,” he said.

Tuva has however come out to address the allegations saying that never in his life has he conned any artist.

“One thing I can tell, the internet has come with good and bad. There are those using the internet well, there are others who use it to spoil the name of others. I am ‘Mzazi’, ever since I started supporting artists, I have never conned anyone so as to give anyone support. It has never happened and it will never happen,” the radio presenter said.

He however admitted linking one of the upcoming artists to Darassa in the past. The artist sought Tuva’s help after he failed to access Darassa.

“He asked me to connect him to Darassa. I took it upon myself to look for Darassa and linked him to the artist in question,” he told YouTuber Trudy Kitui.

Tuva added that he negotiated with Darassa as the artist wouldn’t be able to pay the fee that the Tanzanian singer charges for collabos.

“I told him that I believed in the artist as I had played his songs free of charge. I spoke to Darassa,” he said.

Tuva also noted that aside from charging a collaboration fee, there is also level of projects that Darassa wouldn’t participate in. He says that he asked Darassa to reduce the fee for the artist because he wasn’t able to meet the full amount.

“I connected them and they talked. I think he paid, am not sure of the amount because they dealt with it themselves as artists, I was only a connection. I did my part,” the radio presenter said.

Tuva also said that he accepted to receive the balance of the payment on behalf of Darassa as Danny Dee was unable to send it to him directly. The move gave Darassa a leeway to go to studio and record his verse on the music project, according to Tuva.

“I send Darassa the money and he recorded the song and send it to me and he also send it to the artist but msanii alivyoimba, aliimba chini ya kiwango. Ndio Darassa alilipwa pesa lakini si kile kiwango alichokuwa anaitisha. Msanii aliporecord aliimba chini ya kiwango ambacho Darassa angeweza kuweka sauti yake. What he did, he told the artist to prepare  himself and seek him once again when he is ready,” Tuva explained.

Tuva blamed the artist for failing to do produce quality work saying each  of the involved played their parts well.




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