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“Ni Kitu Yangu!” Wycliffe Oparanya Confirms Mary Biketi Is His Girlfriend

Mary Biketi is with Oparanya right now in Nyali, Mombasa. She is also not a side chick as many netizens thought after she posted couple studio photo moments with her man, mzee Wycliffe Oparanya.

Former Governor of Kakamega, Wycliffe Oparanya, has confirmed his relationship with Mary Biketi, addressing speculation surrounding their recent photos together. The pair’s moments have stirred surprise among netizens, with many intrigued by their apparent connection.

In response to comments from netizens, Oparanya affirmed the authenticity of the photos, dispelling rumors that Mary Biketi was merely a “side chick.” Instead, he clarified that she holds a significant place in his life, acknowledging her existence in his life.

Mary Biketi, a 31-year-old, has been sharing studio photos featuring herself and the former Kakamega governor, further fueling curiosity about their relationship. Their candid moments together have captured the attention of social media users, prompting discussions and debates online.

Oparanya’s confirmation of their relationship aims to set the record straight and address any misconceptions surrounding their bond. By publicly acknowledging Mary Biketi as his girlfriend, he aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding their association.

While the revelation may come as a surprise to some, Oparanya’s openness about his relationship has left naysayers quiet with his honesty and authenticity.

Oparanya’s confirmation of his relationship with Mary Biketi will now reinforces their bond.


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