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“Mie Mnyonge” Diamond Concedes Defeat In Heated Argument With Harmonize

Bongo singers Diamond and Harmonize engaged in a heated exchange online on Sunday.

Trouble began when Diamond, for another time, expressed his pride in building Harmonize’s music career.

Harmonize was unhappy with his remarks that he proceeded to call him out on Instagram, saying that the trend of always taking credit for his success in music was tiring.

Diamond however did not take the challenge lying down.

“The rich with his wealth, the poor with his children. I don’t have wealth, let me be proud because you are my golden children. From there I moving to my grand children the likes of Ibraa, Mac Voice etc. In the 15 years, I want us to have an event as a family and celebrate what God blessed us with,” the father of four said.

Harmonize didn’t shy from responding to him, rejecting his proposal of a joint event.

“The problem with this poor guy is that he only remembers his children after collecting his wealth. Any way it will never happen. Those 15 years mean Tshs600 million. You won’t be able to pay me. Listen, you can be big by making others look small but you can be bigger if you make others big as well. You claimed I paid you, let this be the last time. It is tiring. Bro you can not eat your cake and have it,” the Konde gang CEO responded

Following the response, Diamond noted that Harmonize had an aim of arguing with him, hence deciding to stop arguing with him.

“Ooh Kumbe na una dehamira ya kubishana . Mie Mnyonge siwezibishana na mtu mzito. Mataji yote nakupa  chukua ushindi,” the WCB boss stated.

This comes just weeks after the two artists reunited, in what many believed was finally the end of their long lasting beef. They hadn’t seen eye to eye since 2019.

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