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Flaqo Leaves Fans Confused As He Responds To Question On Whether He Has A Girlfriend

Comedian Flaqo has left his followers  and fans more confused on the status of his relationship with Keranta.

The comedian engaged his fans in a question and answer session via Instagram and one of them asked him if he has a girlfriend and his response left many guessing.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” the fan responded

“God is good,” Flaqo captioned his video, as he responded to the query.

In the video, he made a funny face before laughing off.

Social media have been awash with rumours that they have parted ways as they no longer create content together among other reasons.

This is also comes at time when it has been established that Flaqo’s photos are no longer on Keranta’s timeline on Instagram.

The duo are however still following each other. They have also faced breakup rumours a couple of times and last year in April, they unfollowed each other.

Of late, Flaqo has been creating content with Becky actress and TikToker Trisha Khalid, thus fuelling rumors that they might be an item.

Trisha however addressed the allegations ,saying that they were just work partners.

“Flaqo and I are just good friends and we are shooting content. Nothing else. Hakuna chocolate. Alafu nikuulize, sasa mtu yeyote ata luwa ana shoot content …ama what do you mean. No, no, no, we are just it’s strictly content we are good friends, that’s it”

“Hapana me I have a a man. I have somebody siko single. Who told you I am single? Wewe Ankali mimi niko na mwanaume,” she told Ankali Ray.

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