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“Mimi Si Baba Ya Mtu” Octopizzo Tells Off Artists Who Claimed He Refused To Support Them

Rapper Octopizzo has slammed artists who called him out for failing to support them.

In a recent interview, the rapper said that he is not in a position to help everyone. According to him, those seeking his attention should instead put in more effort so that he can’t bear to ignore them.

He noted that he also hails from Kibra and he was not helped by anyone while making his way to the top.

“Mimi si baba ya mtu, hio nataka ikuwe very clear. Mimi si baba ya msanii. Mtaa yetu iko na wasanii kama thao tano you can’t help everyone. Hata Uhunye hata Ruto wanahustle sahi hawezisaidia kila msee. Msee amefwata the right channel, coz mimi niko na channels zangu protocols zangu. Huwezinikujia tu  ati mi ni msanii wa Kibich nisaidie.

“Si mi nilikuwa msanii wa Kibich, nani alinisaidia. Jitume mpaka niseme huyu msee amejituma siwezikuignore. But utokee tu uamke we ni rapper ukuje hapo zako zimekushow ni mimi, hio utanipata kistreet . Nikiwa streets sikuangi msanii,” Octopizzo said.

At the same time, the rapper said that most Kenyan artist consider music as entertainment and not business.

“We have the music industry but we don’t have the music business. Artists who are in the music business can’t even reach 10. MSCK has over 16,000 artist, but only 10. Even if you check when we started, I blew in 2012  and I am still in the game until now because there are no people. Nowadays I release only 3 songs in a year, I have no pressure because I already made what I wanted. Right now I release music because I love it, I get bored when I don’t release songs but I don’t do it for rent and food,” he explained.



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