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“There Are Prophecies That I Gave That Were Not From The Lord” Benny Hinn Admits

American Televangelist Benny Hinn has admitted that there are things he regrets about his work of ministering.

In a recent conversation, the man of God said that one of the things he regrets is allowing people to make false prophecies in his crusades.

“The two things I regret most in ministry, I was not too wise a number of times with prophecy. Number one, I had guests come to the crusades that I think brought harm not only to people’s lives but also my reputation because their prophecies were not really prophecies.They went outside the  borders of redemption,” Benny Hinn said.

According to him, prophecy is for advocation, exaltation and comfort but if it goes beyond the borders of redemption it is not prophecy.

The preacher said that he failed by allowing people to do that. He however stopped it a long time ago.

Aside from that, he also regrets making prophecies that were not real.

“There were times that I though God had shown me something and I spoke it sadly, I wish I could go back and trace it,  there were some  prophecies that I gave that were not accurate or from the Lord. They went outside the borders of redemption,” he said.

Benny Hinn urged people to forgive him for the mistakes noting that he is just human.

“But who’s perfect? I ask people to forgive me I am just human, I made mistakes like that and I suppose I will make them again down the road coz I am not perfect. We would be poerfect one day when we are with the lord. As long as we are in this body that is imperfect, we are not gonna make perfect decisions,” Benny Hinn said

He admitted that it was sad for people to focus on the times he made mistakes when there are times that he did not miss in his prophecies.

“There are times when I did not miss it,” he noted.

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