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UK Police Arrest Female Warder Filmed Having S3x With Inmate After Video Goes Viral Online

A female prison officer, Linda De Sousa Abreu, was busted after a jaw-dropping video leaked showing her getting it on with an inmate inside his jail cell at the HMP Wandsworth penitentiary in London, UK.

The warder, who’s also a known swinger, was caught on camera in her uniform, engaging in explicit activities with the inmate.

The spicy footage, filmed by the inmate’s cellmate, shows Linda starting with a sex act and then going all the way.

The cellmate, cigarette in hand, can be heard saying, “Guys, we’ve made history, this is what I’m telling you,” as he records the steamy scene.

The officer’s radio buzzes with chatter from oblivious colleagues, adding to the surreal vibe of the video.

At one point, someone tries to enter the cell, and the guy filming tells them to wait.

He then grins at the camera, saying, “This is how we roll in Wandsworth,” and even calls his friend a “gangster” for the wild romp.

The scandalous video shows the inside of the cell, complete with a TV and clothes strewn over a bunk bed. It’s clear this wasn’t just a one-off — these inmates knew how to party.

De Sousa Abreu has since quit her job at the South London prison following the scandal. But now, she’s in deeper trouble, arrested on Friday June 28, 2024, on suspicion of misconduct in public office.

This jaw-dropping scandal has sparked outrage and raised serious questions about what’s really going on behind bars at Wandsworth.

Click the link below to watch the viral prison romp video.

Watch female warder having sex with inmate in London prison 


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