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“Nataka Omuhusband!” Charlene Ruto Asks Pastor Benny Hinn To Pray For Her To Get A Husband

“She needs that husband so send him her her way, let him be exactly what she wants, everything she wants , grant it, Lord, in the name of Jesus,” Benny Hinn prayed for Charlene Ruto.

Renowned televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn made headlines during the recent Healing the Nation crusade held at Nyayo Stadium, where he prayed for the first daughter of Kenya, Charlene Ruto, to find a husband soon.

Charlene, who was attending the event alongside her parents, President William Ruto and Rachel Ruto, expressed her deep passion for serving the youth of Kenya and Africa as a whole. During the prayer and healing session, Pastor Benny Hinn prayed for Charlene to receive God’s guidance and anointing for her calling.

However, Charlene also expressed her desire for a husband, acknowledging that she couldn’t navigate her journey alone. In response to her request, Pastor Hinn prayed for her to find a suitable husband who would support her in her mission.

The congregation joined Pastor Hinn in prayer, stretching out their hands towards Charlene as they petitioned for God’s intervention in her love life. The heartfelt prayer touched the hearts of many, with netizens expressing their thoughts and wishes for Charlene’s happiness.

Among the attendees was Apostle Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church, along with several other dignitaries including the First Lady, Second Lady, and Government Spokesperson.

President William Ruto also shared a significant revelation during the crusade, revealing that he first knew he was destined to lead Kenya during the Asuza 100 celebration of revival in the US back in 2006. He expressed his faith in God’s plan for Kenya’s future, believing in the possibility of another revival to propel the nation to greatness.

The event was hailed as a unifying force among religious leaders and believers in Kenya, showcasing the power of faith and prayer to bring people together for a common purpose. Pastor Benny Hinn’s presence in the country was seen as a blessing, fostering unity and harmony among the religious community.


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