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36 People Charged For Looting, Torching Chieni Supermarket Owned By Kieni MP Who Voted Yes For Oppressive Finance Bill

A Nanyuki court has formally charged 36 individuals with breaking into Chieni Supermarket with the intent to commit a felony, a violation under Section 307 of the Penal Code.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on June 25, 2024, during demonstrations against the controversial Finance Bill 2024 in Nanyuki Township, Laikipia East Sub-County, Laikipia County.

Irate protesters stormed the Chieni Supermarket owned by Kieni MP Njoroge Wainaina who voted ‘yes’ for the oppressive Finance Bill.

Chieni supermarket

Prosecution Counsel Peter Gitumu presented the case to the court, detailing how the accused, along with several others, forcibly and unlawfully gained entry into Chieni Supermarket.

The prosecutor emphasized that the individuals were found inside the supermarket with clear intent to steal.

This case has attracted significant attention due to its connection with the broader national unrest prompted by the Finance Bill, which has been a source of considerable controversy and public outcry.

Senior Resident Magistrate Masivo presided over the proceedings, listening to the prosecution’s account of the events and the charges brought against the accused.

Each of the 36 individuals pleaded not guilty to the charges. Following their pleas, the court set their release conditions, granting each accused person a bond of Ksh200,000 or an alternative cash bail of Ksh100,000.

The Finance Bill 2024 has been a flashpoint for protests across Kenya, as citizens express their dissatisfaction with the proposed legislation.

The demonstrations in Nanyuki saw a significant turnout, with protesters voicing their opposition to the bill and the government’s handling of the economic situation.

President Willian Ruto ultimately decided not to sign Finance Bill to law in the wake of deadly protests on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, which saw demonstrators breach the Parliament building for the first time in Kenyan history.

In a televised address on Wednesday June 26, 2024, flanked by ruling party MPs who had supported the bill, Ruto acknowledged that Kenyans want nothing to do with the Finance Bill.

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